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Welcome My Manga Page

This is my very own Manga website. I hope that you will like it. It has a photo page with pictures of manga that my friends and I drew. The photo page may include some things that we didn't draw also. It has an about page with everything that you need to know. Also included is What's New? That page has all things new. One page has some favorite links that link to manga sites and more. There is a page now that has manga drawings by me and my friends. There is also a page that teaches you how to draw manga. I cannot stress how mush this site is updated, come back often. Sign my guestbook and message board! It helps me update. Drop me a message if you want me to put info on anything, including new anime and manga.

Updates (date only)

Everything Established 1/31/05

Added Message Board 2/1/05

Added on About Page 2/1/05

Added links 2/1/05

Added some pics 2/1/05

Added how to draw manga page 2/2/05

Added manga drawing page 2/2/05

Changed some pics 2/5/05

Did LOTS 2/6/05

Updates (in-depth)


If you visited this page and you don't think that it looks updated, go to this page of my manga site, it gets updated first. Manga


Message Board

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What is your favorite manga?
Cowboy Bebop
Fruits Basket
Gundam Seed

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Invader Zim

Invader Zim rocks! People say it isn't manga, and they are right. It is anime!